analyst, marketer, crm systems, email marketing
targeting, SMM, content marketing, design, copywriter
contextual advertising, SEO, YouTube, TikTok, online schools
We unite projects and performers into a single project management system in the field of creating digital products to promote business and personal brand. We don't have employees. For each project, we assemble our own team in terms of the tasks that we define together with the customer at the stage of the strategic session.
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Recruiting for current projects
The Digital People Network is implementing projects in areas of digital marketing and technology. We offer participation in existing projects depending on your interest and readiness in a given period of time.
Emergence and growth within the team
Contractors have the opportunity to migrate from one project to another, depending on the growth of their competencies or the manifestation of themselves in current processes. In such a transition, the mutual growth of the Customer and the Contractor is possible.
Work On Board
If you are currently employed by the state and are not looking for other positions, you may receive offers for both your specialization and growth, which we and our team identify as possible for you to apply.
This is an opportunity to remain in the focus of your professional development.
What specializations do we work with?
  • Project management, team management, recruiting, HR in marketing
  • Analytics, marketing, strategy
  • Account management, sales, customer service and crm systems
  • Email marketing, chatbots, contextual advertising, SEO
  • SMM, targeting, design, copywriting, content management, storytelling
  • Online production and work with bloggers, work with the media, PR
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